Transportation is one of the keys to bringing climate pollution under control. But transportation emissions have gotten away from us, and new storm clouds are gathering.

To get on track, we need transportation climate action that is comprehensive of the solutions science points to. Action that delivers concrete benefits, especially for people who could use a break. Action in the form of investment, which means valuing time and being rigorous about assumptions. Action now, both to catch up and get ahead of decisions that are locking us into the problem more.

In sum, we need fuller transportation climate action.

What’s holding us back? For starters, lagging progress in the following:

  • REALITY: Taking seriously the direction from science about decarbonizing transportation. Increasing our shared understanding about what needs to happen, eliminating reasons for inaction among those who hold crucial influence, and driving holistic, integrated initiatives forward.
  • ABUNDANCE: Putting more flexible, secure transportation options—which happen to be the heart of climate action— to work to make life better. Lifting up communities and advocacy movements that stand to gain from compact, multimodal development. Creating a virtuous, self-reinforcing cycle between constituencies growing and becoming more engaged, and public agencies becoming more responsive and rising to the occasion,
  • TRANSFORMATION: Implementing the work of building and running the systems needed to make structural change real. Visionary planning, funding, and implementation that is focused on the task of changing the status quo of transportation and managing day-to-day operations to that end.

Getting these issues under control will move us closer to getting the climate problem under control. Doing so is within reach.

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