Behind More Mobility is Ryan Schuchard, an advocate and practitioner for transportation climate action working at the intersection of policy, investments, business, and technology.

Ryan is inspired by two things that give rise to More Mobility: First, transportation—the breadth of compact, multimodal development to electrifying everything—is a crucial part of the solvable climate puzzle and it needs more attention.

And second, the things we need to do for rigorous transportation climate action are similar to what we need to do to give people time, money, and freedom back. This makes them worth doing on their own, and it contributes to making them especially good bets for climate action.

Through fourteen years of entrepreneurial leadership roles at CALSTART and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Ryan has built practitioner movements, started and led successful industry coalitions, assisted businesses of all kinds to thrive, and turned innovative ideas into technology projects on the ground headed for growth. He has helped to develop and secure crucial key transportation climate policies at the state level as well as higher and lower jurisdictions, with significant experience in the national climate leadership theaters of California.

Ryan has also been appointed to several public boards and committees in which he has been instrumental in the codification of key regulations, including for the California Air Resources Board, City of Oakland, and City of Boulder.

Ryan has worked as an effective advocate for electric vehicles of all kinds, and been an EV owner. He has experimented with living car-free in the US. He has lived internationally and experienced different multimodal systems firsthand, including as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Asia. He now lives in Boulder, Colorado, where he can be found riding a bike around town with his small kids throughout the year.

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