More Mobility envisions a world on track for 80%+ less transportation climate pollution by 2050.

Along the way, we have freed ourselves from the high cost of car dependence and created in its place new abundance.

What it looks like when we arrive:

  • Travelers enjoy the majority of trips in irresistible alternatives to private passenger cars such as high-performing public transit and bicycling or walking in plush facilities on a space-efficient grid. People can choose to live conveniently and affordably without a private car most of the time, if they want to.
  • The cost of transportation falls dramatically. The financial burden to households and communities, along with deaths and serious injuries in the transportation system, move systematically towards zero. Transportation is a source of joy and community strength.
  • Electrification and multimodal design are reciprocal. Everything on wheels with a motor is electrified, while the superior technology of battery-electric power systems drives autos to be rightsized, and the revolution in investments to wire up transportation is put to work to also map out new a system of people-first mobility options.

The destination is climate-compatible transportation which creates resilience, well-being, and equity. It is a place where everyone benefits, especially those who have been left out the most.

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